My Stock Picks

When you make eligible purchases from any brand in the Shop Now section or your partner brand, you’ll be rewarded in a broad market ETF and your Stock Picks. You’re able to select up to four company stocks that you’ll receive with each stock reward. Bumped will evenly distribute your reward across those additional stocks and the ETF.

For example, if you only select one additional stock to be rewarded in, then half of any eligible stock reward would be allocated to VTI while the other half would be allocated to your stock selection. If you select four stocks, 20% of your reward would be allocated to each selected stock and 20% allocated to the ETF.

If any portion of a stock reward is unable to be evenly distributed, the remainder will be allocated to the ETF.

Choosing Your Stock Picks

Through your Bumped home page, you can choose which stocks to be rewarded in from a list of top brands. If you have four stocks selected and want to select another, you’ll need to first unselect a stock.

You can add and remove stock picks as often as you like. You’ll be rewarded with your current stock picks at the time that our system processes your rewards for the day.

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