What is an Annual Meeting?

Annual Meetings are also known as:

General Meetings

Annual General Meetings

Annual Shareholder Meetings

Annual Stockholder Meetings


Annual meetings are (typically annual) gatherings of a publicly-traded company’s shareholders. They’re a regulatory requirement, and also an opportunity for shareholders to have their voices heard. At annual meetings, shareholders can vote on certain business decisions. 

You’ll typically hear about the upcoming meeting from the company—either electronically or via mail. Notices usually include info about when and where the meeting will be held, as well as an annual report and what will be up for vote.


What happens at Annual General Meetings?

Shareholder meetings are largely administrative events that follow a standard format: 

  • Minutes from the previous Annual Meeting are presented and approved
  • Directors of the company present the annual report and financial statements to shareholders for approval
  • Elections: shareholders vote to decide the board of directors
  • Proposals: shareholders vote on independent auditors, dividend payments, and any other proposals put forward
  • Questions: most companies set time aside to allow shareholders to ask questions. In some cases, shareholders may protest or express their concerns. 

With few exceptions, that’s it! Once the meeting is over, the minutes are recorded. 


Can I vote?  

Yes. If you own stocks through Bumped, even if they’re fractional shares, you can vote by proxy online or over the phone. 

If you own full shares, you may be able to vote in person at the meeting itself. 

Prior to the Annual Meeting, shareholders will receive an email with information on how to vote. 




There are three ways to vote: 

  1. Online through the proxyvote.com link in the email

  2. Over the phone

  3. In-person at the meeting itself. 

For more information on Proxy Voting, read this support article: Proxy Voting With Bumped

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