How do I earn rewards?

Here you’ll find two ways to earn stock rewards: Spend with your partner brand and Shop Now.


Spend with your partner brand

Simply link the debit or credit cards that you use with your partner brand, and you’ll get rewarded for fractional shares of stock with every eligible purchase. Visit your Bumped homepage now to link your cards and start earning rewards.

Shop Now

Under the “Shop Now Offers: Get rewards for shopping” header, you can find more ways to earn stock rewards for your everyday online spending with hundreds of your favorite brands. Tap on a brand, and you’ll be taken to an online shopping experience where you can complete your purchase and get stock rewards attributed to your Bumped account.

Rewards typically take around a week to process. To track your purchases, keep an eye on “Recent Activity” in your Bumped account. 

Your Stock Rewards

When you make eligible purchases from any brand in the Shop Now section or your partner brand, you’ll be rewarded in a broad market ETF and your Stock Picks. You’ll see your rewards add up over time in the ‘Portfolio’ section of your account!

See the VTI Prospectus here for important information about this ETF.                   

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